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Cadmium (Feruchemy).svg
Power Slow time
Type External, Pulling, Temporal
Misting Pulser
Power Store breath
Type Hybrid
Ferring Gasper
Power Steal Temporal Allomantic powers
Type Temporal
Universe Cosmere

Cadmium is the external temporal pulling metal. An Allomancer burning cadmium is able to stretch time in a bubble around them, making it pass more slowly. Feruchemists can use cadmium to store breath, and when used as a Hemalurgic spike, cadmium steals Temporal Allomantic powers.

The paired alloy of cadmium used in the Metallic Arts is bendalloy.[1]

Allomantic Use[edit]

A cadmium Misting is known as a Pulser. Burning cadmium pulls on time around the user, causing time to pass more slowly in a bubble around them. Events outside the bubble appear to move much faster to someone inside.[2]

When a cadmium bubble and a bendalloy bubble occur in the same place, their effects cancel out resulting in no change whilst still burning the metals used.[3][4] The time bubble created by a Pulser is about the size of a room, larger than a time bubble created by burning bendalloy.[4] Careful examination may reveal the edge of the bubble, where air appears to shimmer. As long as some part of a person is inside the slowness bubble, they will be included in its effect.[5]

When a time bubble is created, the area of the bubble stays stationary with respect to a moving object as long as the Pulser creating it is stationed on an object large enough. For example, someone standing on a planet, which is quite massive, is still actually moving with the rotation of the planet, and the bubble moves with that person, but the bubble itself stays in the same place with respect to the planet. However, if the Pulser who created a time bubble is on a small, moving object (or the person merely walks to the edge of the bubble), the Pulser will be transported through the bubble, "popping" it.[6] Objects entering or exiting the bubble are thrown wildly off-course, most likely because different parts of the object are moving at different speeds during the transition.[3] When leaving the bubble, time bubbles interfere with almost all forms of Investiture.[7] When multiple bubbles occur in the same space their effects are multiplied.[8]

Some potential "non-combative" uses for cadmium Allomancy include advancing personal time to a desired date,[4] performance art in which one or more performers utilize cadmium "pulses" to enhance the exhibition, and scientific observation of processes/reactions which would otherwise not be observable in real-time.[citation needed]

Slowness bubbles can be popped by aluminum.[9]


If someone were able to burn the amount of cadmium needed to become an Allomantic savant with the metal, they would be able to slow time to a greater degree than a regular Misting.[10] They would be able to anchor the slowness bubble to themselves, allowing the slowness bubble to move with them. This would cause complications for objects moving in and out of the bubble as energy is transferred to and from the Spiritual Realm to prevent redshift and blueshift.[11] They would also be able to influence the size of the bubble and the amount of time it gives.[12]

Feruchemical Use[edit]

A cadmium Ferring is known as a Gasper. Cadmium is used to store breath. While storing breath, the Gasper must hyperventilate to keep their body oxygenated. Tapping a cadmiummind allows the user to go without breathing, or to introduce extra oxygen into their bloodstream.[2]

Hemalurgic Use[edit]

When used as a Hemalurgic spike, cadmium steals Temporal Allomantic powers (cadmium, bendalloy, gold, and electrum).[13]


During the Final Empire, cadmium and bendalloy were inaccessible and unknown to Allomancers, though they were possibly known to the Lord Ruler.[14] The fact that their technology couldn't create the metals made Mistings of these types impossible to discover. After the Catacendre, advancement in technology eventually made the metals available.


  • The original plans for bendalloy and cadmium involved blueshifting and redshifting or blueshifting of light passing through the bubble. But this was dropped as it would have lead to people outside being microwaved and blasted with radiation.[15][16] This was solved through the transfer of energy between the Physical and Spiritual Realms.[11]


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