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Algernon Weight
Spouse Jeshua
Children Jorgen
Died Killed by Superiority[1]
Profession Highforeman, NAL
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Skyward
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Dispense with the platitudes, Ironsides, you lost more ships tonight... You’re driving the DDF into the ground.

—Algernon criticizing Ironsides after a DDF battle[2]

Algernon Weight is a National Assembly Leader (NAL) and the highforeman of Detritus’ largest intercavern shipping company. He is married to Jeshua Weight, a First Citizen, and is Jorgen’s father. The family lives in the lower caverns of Igneous.[3][4][2]

Algernon is either currently, or has previously been, considered part of Detritus' military.[2] He knows some amount about military tactics, including Lanchester’s Law.[2] Algernon is an extremely influential member of the community and has achieved high merit for his accomplishments. As such he has access to high class and luxury technology, such as private fighter jets, of which the family owns three.[3]

Algernon is a strong supporter of Dr. Thior's claim that the defect does not exist[4] and believes claims of its existence to be foolish.[5] Ironsides finds his immovability on the issue frustrating, believing his threshold for proof to be too high.[4]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Algernon is a greying man, who is stiff and blunt.[2] He wears military clothing, along with military pins denoting his achievements.[2] He is critical of Ironsides leadership of the Defiant Defense Force (DDF) and, along with NALs Valda Mendez and Ukrit, confronts her days before the second half of the shipyard is due to fall from Detritus' atmosphere. Despite his criticisms, he supports Ironsides' plan to send the entire DDF to capture the shipyard.[2]



To be honest, during my practices -- before I started official training -- I thought a pair of wings might let me escape his legacy. But I’m not defiant. I’ll do what’s expected of me.

Jorgen telling Spensa of his father[6]

Algernon and Jorgen have a strained relationship, with Algernon having a large amount of control over Jorgen's life and future career. Algernon expects his son to follow in his footsteps and join the NAL as a politician, creating an avenue for Algernon to more easily interface with the DDF.[6] Algernon specifically requests for Jorgen to be placed into Cobb's class to ensure the safety of his son.[7][6]

Algernon sends his son to flight school so that Jorgen can gain the privileges and respect awarded to pilots, as this will be beneficial when Jorgen transitions into the political sphere. According to Jorgen, his parents had planned for him to spend six months as a full pilot before claiming some sort of family emergency that would create an avenue for Jorgen to switch careers.[6]

Before joining flight school, Jorgen hoped that he could get out of his father's shadow by becoming a pilot, however, he has come to accept the ties that bind him. Algernon has always worried how much his son enjoys flying, likely seeing it as a potential threat to the life plan he has created for his son.[6]


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