Valda Mendez

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Valda Mendez
Children Arturo Mendez
World Detritus
Featured In Skyward
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Valda Mendez is a member of the National Assembly Leadership, and a former Defiance Defense Force (DDF) pilot.[1]

She is the mother of Arturo, and her family lives in the deep caverns.[2] Her family owns several private ships that are used as escorts during trading operations.[3] The radio frequency 1250 is used by Valda's family.[4]


During her younger years Valda joined the DDF, becoming a pilot and flying, at one point, in the same squadron as Ironsides.[1]

Years later, Valda had risen to become a National Assembly Leader. While she held her post, her son, Arturo, joined the DDF with the intention of becoming a pilot. Partway through his training, after he was almost shot down during a flight, Valda pulled strings to have Arturo removed from flight school.She shows little regret out of removing her son from the program, despite his skill as a pilot and the asset he would be to the DDF.[1][5]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She is a petite woman with tan skin.[1]

Valda is highly critical of Ironsides' leadership of the DDF.[1]


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