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Valda Mendez
Children Arturo Mendez
Profession DDF pilots (former)
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Skyward

We want to know what your plan is for ending the DDF's spiral of failure.

— Valda to Ironsides[1]

Valda Mendez is a National Assembly Leader (NAL), and a former Defiant Defense Force (DDF) pilot.[1] She's an experienced cargo pilot, having served in the DDF for sixteen years.[2]

She's the mother of Arturo, and her family lives in the deep caverns.[3] The Mendezes owns three private fighters[4] that are used as escorts during trading operations.[5] These ships are not accessible to the DDF during times of need as they are primarily reserved to evacuate the Mendez family if they are in danger.[4] They have a private radio frequency, 1250,[6] as well as a private radio that is able to unscramble the pilot frequencies.[4]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Valda is a petite woman with tan skin.[1] She's highly critical of Ironsides' leadership of the DDF; at the same time, she seems unwilling to acknowledge her and her fellow NALs part in crippling the fleet's capacity.[1]


During her younger years Valda joined the DDF, becoming a pilot and flying. At one point, she was in the same squadron as Ironsides.[1] She eventually retired after sixteen years of service.[2]

Years later, Valda had risen to become a National Assembly Leader. While she held her post, her son, Arturo, joined the DDF with the intention of becoming a pilot. Partway through his training, after he was almost shot down during a flight, Valda pulled strings to have Arturo removed from flight school. She shows little regret for it, despite his skill as a pilot and the asset he would be to the DDF.[1][7]


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