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Type Weapons
World of Origin Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
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A lifebuster is an explosive weapon of mass destruction used by the Krell to subdue the human population of Detritus.[1]

Lifebuster bombs explode in three stages. The first wave is a downward blast that penetrates rock, exposing caverns underneath it. The second one consists of a strange greenish-black corrosion that causes a chain reaction in organic matter and exterminates life. The third explosion is a shock wave meant to further spread the "terrible burning green light" of the second stage to places where it may kill more living things.[2]

Krell Usage and Tactics[edit]

While very powerful, lifebusters seem to be of a certain scarcity and Krell forces would not risk to let the bomber carrying it get destroyed, which would detonate the bomb. Krell tactics are centered around how to carry the lifebuster close enough to destroy either the Alta Base or the caverns underneath. Krell interceptors are sent to protect the less agile bombers, and if the DDF manages to pose a risk of destroying the bomber, the Krell forces would retreat. As the DDF begins to learn more about the Superiority's cytonic hyperjump capabilities, they speculate that the Krell don't simply hyperjump a lifebuster to directly over Alta Base because they are afraid of losing control over the details of hyperjump technology.[3]


The first time it was used was when the leaders and scientists of the Defiant fleet all gathered in one cavern to discuss plans after the Defiant Fleet crash landed on Detritus. The Krell dropped a lifebuster bomb to destroy all of the computers and humans in the cavern hoping to set back the Defiant fleet indefinitely.[4]

During the Battle of Alta Second the Krell attempted to drop another lifebuster onto Alta Base, after the attention of the DDF fighters had been diverted by falling wreckage.[5] The Krell were given permission to completely destroy the human settlement on the prison planet Detritus.[6] However, Spensa and M-Bot were able to use a light-lance to carry it out of the blast range of Alta and then make a cytonic hyperjump to escape.


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