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Profession Arms dealer
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
First Appeared Steelheart

Diamond is a weapons dealer active in the Fractured States. He has business with Epics, like Steelheart, and anti-Epic groups, like the Reckoners, alike.[1] He does however have a strict policy of not discussing his clients.[2]

He is described as having long, white hair that is beginning to recede and a beard.[3]

He sells a variety of weapons, ranging from different firearms to high-end Epic-based technologies. He accepts Epic's gene sample as high currency.[3]

Diamond is fond of using and selling explosives.[3]


Diamond set up shop in the catacombs beneath Newcago not long after the death of the Epic Fortuity, where the Reckoners purchased an Epic-based gauss gun.[1][3] He agreed not to mention the existence of the gun, which was vital to the Reckoners' plan to ensure that Steelheart would be lured out to face a new "Epic".[3]

He was placed in "protective custody" by the Reckoners following an encounter between them and the Epic Nightwielder that occurred in his shop.[4]


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