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Abilities Cytonics
Species Varvax
World Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Defending Elysium

Sonn is the Varvax Foreign Minister.[1] In 2211, he communicates with Jason Write via holovid, suggesting that he is on Earth.[1]

In 2211, after the body of a Varvax ambassador is found on Evensong, Jason contacts him to apologize on behalf of humankind. Sonn, however, instead apologizes to Jason for the trouble and states that the ambassador knew the risks of living with a "underdeveloped civilization." Since humans have yet to reach Primary Intelligence, Sonn and the Varvax do not hold any "acts of barbarity" against them. At some point prior to 2211, he had admitted to Jason that it is possible to suppress cytonic abilities; that knowledge allowed Jason to escape when he was captured by Edmund. After Jason defeats Edmund, he contacts Sonn, who admits that species of Primary Intelligence are only free of conflict because they lock away any discontents and use cytonic suppression on them and apologizes to Jason for any inconvenience this revelation causes. He is greatly disturbed when Jason then reveals that some Varvax discontents have escaped and are trying to gain technologically-superior human weapons to wage war against the rest of the Varvax.[1]

He is intrigued by the disparities within humankind, as some people are of Primary Intelligence, while some are as low as Fourth Intelligence, and is hopeful that they will soon let go of their attachment to technology so that they can advance themselves to Primary Intelligence.[1]


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