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Mrs. Chamwit
Species Varvax
Homeworld Starsight
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Starsight

Well...maybe I could work those into a side dish? Or maybe just make you a dessert?

—Mrs. Chamwit, offering to bake something for Spensa instead of her algae strips.[1]

Mrs. Chamwit is a varvax who lives on Starsight and works as a cleaner, employed by the Department of Species Integration to clean the UrDail embassy. Spensa believes her to be a spy.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Mrs. Chamwit floats in a brown sandstone carapace, and is typically equipped with a belt filled with cleaning tools.[2] Mrs. Chamwit is very kind and apologetic, and becomes disappointed when she thinks Spensa does not find her work satisfactory.[3] Mrs. Chamwit, like most varvax, is extremely nonaggressive and finds those who are aggressive as odd.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Mrs. Chamwit is a skilled cleaner, evident in the fact that she was hired by the head of the Department of Species Integration, Cuna, to care for the embassy of a species new to the Superiority. Mrs. Chamwit is also known to be able to assemble a cleaning drone.[3] Mrs. Chamwit is also a skilled chef, making a delicious Akokian pudding for Spensa to eat after one of her training sessions in the Delver Resistance Program. Mrs. Chamwit enjoys doing word puzzles on her tablet.[1]


Mrs. Chamwit was first confronted by Spensa with a gun when M-Bot warned Spensa of intruders in the UrDail embassy. Spensa surprised her, so Mrs. Chamwit dropped a plate, which shattered. She told Spensa she had been hired by the Department of Species Integration to clean Spensa's embassy, along with her assistant, who was busy vacuuming downstairs. Cuna rang the door chimes at the same time, and was able to confirm Mrs. Chamwit's story.[2]

During Spensa's first day of training in the Delver Resistance program, Mrs. Chamwit cleaned the embassy, then looked into the UrDail's nutritional requirements and planned to make Akokian pudding for Spensa for dinner. After this, she waited for Spensa by playing word puzzles on her tablet. Spensa politely declined, and after multiple further offers, Mrs. Chamwit left, crestfallen. Not to be denied, Mrs. Chamwit prepared an Akokian pudding, put it in a delivery box, and sent it to the UrDail embassy in case Spensa's algae became stale. Spensa happily devoured the Akokian pudding.[1]

A few weeks later, Mrs. Chamwit inspected one of the boxes that had been delivered to the UrDail embassy, finding it to be a cleaning drone. After a brief offer to help assemble the drone, Mrs. Chamwit realized its implications and asked if Spensa was dissatisfied with her service. Spensa told her she was not and said she just liked her privacy and escorted Mrs. Chamwit out the door.[3]

At some point during her life, likely during her time cleaning the UrDail embassy, Mrs. Chameit delivered dinner to one of her neighbors.[4]



When Spensa first meets Mrs. Chamwit and her assistant, she believes them to be Cuna's spies.[2] Gradually, as she experiences the pleasures of Mrs. Chamwit's services, such as her baking and cleaning. The tipping point is when Spensa goes to the park with Morriumur[5] and realizes the Superiority isn't some evil organization paying everyone to put on a happy facade for the outside, the people in it are genuinely happy. She finally accepts that Mrs. Chamwit isn't a spy and that she and her assistant really are just cleaning people.


Mrs. Chamwit and her assistant were hired by Cuna to take care of the UrDail embassy on Starsight. Whether or not Mrs. Chamwit and her assistant are permanent employees of the Department of Species Integration or contractors in unclear.


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