Akokian pudding

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Akokian pudding
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

Akokian pudding! It's a wonderful mixture of sweet and savory!

—Mrs. Chamwit[1]

Akokian pudding is a type of food that can be found on Starsight.

It's both sweet and savory, and additionally possesses high nutritional value; despite the name suggesting it to be a dessert, it's apparently a good dinner dish. The UrDail - and possibly humans - are capable of eating and digesting it without issues. As such, Mrs. Chamwit offers to make it for Spensa during her stay on the station, and later sends her a small pastry. While Spensa finds the pastry delicious, she never confirms whether it was the Akokian pudding.[1] It's likewise unclear what the name "Akokian" derives from.


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