Bucket Book

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Bucket Book
Owner Jax
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

After all, the Bucket Book was sacred. A ledger of true excellence. A list of impossible feats that saluted both Hershel and me in notarized record.


The Bucket Book is a book of several hundred challenges that Jax and Hershel are racing to complete. Each time one of the two completes a challenge, they write their initials next to it, and get a point. They are both competing to have the most points. The small notebook has a worn black cover, and the lettering is barely legible.[1]


  • #7: Throw a person a distance of over 9 feet.[1]
  • #31: Break the sound barrier without use of vehicular power.[1]
  • #97: Take down a bear without using a bullet or blade.[1]
  • #111: Rip a phone book in half.[1]
  • #170: Evel Knievel your way through a window without splattering against a wall.[2]
  • #171: Make it back alive.[2]


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