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Tarn (Taldain)
Died Murdered[1]
Aliases The Tonk
Residence Kezare
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Tarn the Tonk is a street hustler who works for Sharezan in Kezare on the Dayside of Taldain.[1] His nickname is derived from the tonk, a slow-witted sandling used as a beast of burden on Dayside.

During the investigation of Sharezan by Ais and the other trackts, they offered sanctuary to anyone willing to act as an informant to help them catch the crime lord. A body was soon found in the streets with the back of its skull caved in. Tain and his team recognized the corpse as Tarn the Tonk, a known associate of Sharezan's. Upon searching the body, they found a note from Sharezan that said "I WARNED YOU". They reported their findings back to Ais; she assumed that Tarn was already dead when the note was placed. Tain speculated that the warning was intended to deter their investigation.[1] Tain "discovered" the note while other trackts were not paying attention; since he was later revealed to be Sharezan, it is likely that he planted the note on the corpse himself.


  • In the original White Sand graphic novels, his name was given as "Rennold Pharl". This was changed for the omnibus edition.


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