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Spensa's great-grandfather
Spouse Spensa's great-grandmother
Children Becca Nightshade
Descendants Zeen Nightshade, Spensa Nightshade
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cytoverse

He kept the stories of Old Earth, of the times before we traveled into space.

—Gran-Gran telling Spensa of her father[1]

Spensa's great-grandfather is a historian aboard the Defiant. He is married to Spensa's great-grandmother and is the father of Becca Nightshade, Spensa's Gran-Gran.[1]

By virtue of being part of the engineering corps, Spensa's great-grandfather is resented and feared by the other occupants of the Defiant. As Gran-Gran implies that her mother was the only cytonic aboard the Defiant, it is likely that her father did not possess the defect.[1]


Spensa's great-grandfather traveled as part of the Defiant fleet prior to its crash onto Detritus. It is unknown as to whether he was born on one of the ships or joined the fleet later in life.[1]

At some point he married Spensa's great-grandmother. It is unknown as to whether Spensa's great-grandfather was a part of the engineering corp before he married his wife, or if he was brought into the group through their union. The pair worked together in the engine room, with Spensa's great-grandmother using her cytonic abilities to jump the fleet. Spensa's great-grandfather's exact job in the engine room is unclear. The pair had a child, Becca Nightshade, while aboard the Defiant.[1]

Some time after her birth, Becca's father began telling her stories of Old Earth while she sat with him in the engine room.[1]

The day the Defiant crashed, Spensa's great-grandfather was with his wife and daughter in the engineering bay. After an explosion occurred on the bridge the captain called down in an angry panic to relay orders to Spensa's great-grandmother, which she refused. The engineers sided with the scientists to defy the military and command staff, and Spensa's great-grandmother brought the fleet to Detritus, using her abilities to perform faster than light travel. After the ship crashed, Becca's father carried her from the rubble of the ship, leaving behind his dead wife who had died during the crash.[1]

After the crash it is likely that Becca's father raised her in one of the newly formed colonies on Detritus. How or when he died is unknown.[1]


Becca Nightshade[edit]

He worked in the engine room, helping my mother, but his true duty was the stories. I remember sitting in the engine room, listening to the hum of the machinery as he talked, his voice echoing against the metal.

Gran-Gran telling Spensa of her father.[1]

Becca and her father often spent time together in the engine rooms and he would tell her stories while he worked. After the ship crashed, he became her sole carer as his wife had died when she had brought the fleet to Detritus. Becca's love of telling stories to Spensa is likely due to her fathers enjoyment and dedication to keeping the stories of Old Earth alive.[1]


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