Mara (Skyward)

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Mara (Skyward)
Died unknown[1]
Profession DDF pilots
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

I should say something here, about loss. Something wise. Old Mara, who taught me to fly, would have. She's dead now.

Cobb while trying to console Skyward Flight following the deaths of Morningtide and Bim[1]

Mara is a female pilot on Detritus. She is a wise woman who is good at consoling people during times of loss and grief.[1]

Cobb refers to her as 'Old Mara' -- it is unclear if she was an older woman, if this was a nickname, or if he is referring to the amount of time that has passed since he knew her.[1]

She was Cobb's instructor in his youth, and at some point she passed away.[1] Mara's role in teaching Cobb implies that she was a member of the DDF.


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