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Related to Ker'reen
Type Dialect
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand


—'May the Sand Lord bless us!' in Karshad[1]

Karshad is a holy language spoken by members of the Priest DaiKeen, the clergy of the Ker'reen religion in Kerzta on Taldain.[2]

When Khriss and her team first arrived on Dayside, she and Cynder had learned some Karshad by studying Daysider books. When Cynder spoke the language to the locals, they seemed to understand but quickly fled in fear. The Darksider team then overheard a priest (possibly the A'kar) speaking Karshad, and realized that they had inadvertently learned a holy language. Cynder was considered to be Elis's foremost authority on Daysider linguistics, and his ignorance of the common language was symptomatic of the schism between the two regions.[1]


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