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Titles Lady Judge[1]
Groups Taishin
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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Heelis, known as Lady Judge, is the leader of a Lossandin Profession and presiding member of the Taishin council.

The Lady Judge must remain impartial, no matter her personal biases. A simple majority would not be enough to heal the Diem's wound.

— Lady Heelis[2]

Appearance and Personality

Lady Heelis is an elderly woman with pale skin and her grey hair in a heart-shaped pompadour. She is seen wearing the standard clothing of the Taishin, along with golden hoop earrings.[1]

Heelis takes her job very seriously and follows the letter of the law carefully. She highly values impartiality, and her trust is not easily earned. Though she comes across as cold, she works hard to protect her people from any perceived threats.


It is unknown how long Heelis has served as Lady Judge, though it is implied she has held the position for a number of years.[3]

When the Taishin voted on the future of the Diem, Heelis voted in favor of dissolving it, however she then declares the proceedings void after Kenton argues a legal technicality that was not observed.[2] She later confided in Kenton that her vote was primarily a matter of solidarity. She claims that she hopes Kenton can successfully change the minds of the Taishin, though she offers little hope that he will be successful.[2]

She showed a great deal of trust in Ais, whom she has known for eighteen years, tasking her with spying on Kenton and reporting back despite Ais's personal biases towards sand masters.[3]


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