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The Allomantic symbol for chromium

Chromium is the external enhancement pulling metal.

Allomantic Use

A chromium Misting is known as a Leecher. Chromium acts just like aluminum inside the body, causing any Allomancers touched by a Leecher to lose their metal reserves.[1] Chromium is already widely known as of the events of Shadows of Self, as shown when Reddi mentions that there is a Leecher in the Elendel constables' employ.

Feruchemical Use

The Feruchemical symbol for chromium

A chromium Ferring is known as a Spinner. Chromium is used to store fortune. A Feruchemist filling a chromiummind will be unlucky, and can tap it to increase his luck.[1]

Hemalurgic Use

It is unknown what trait or quality chromium steals when used as a hemalurgic spike, as chromium is discovered after era 1 of Mistborn. It is only in Misborn era 1 that hemalurgy is in widespread use, and therefore only in era 1 that a list of the hemalurgic uses for metals is listed in the Ars Arcarnum.


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