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Type Unknown
Featured In {{{books}}}

The {{vehicle}} template is used on articles describing boats, trains, spaceships and other modes of transport.




as in other infoboxes the books parameter should provide a list of books or series the vehicle is Featured In
provide a tag indicating what kind of vehicle it is:
  • Carriages and other road vehicles are tagged with {{cat tag|roadcraft}}
  • Trains and other rail craft are tagged with {{cat tag|railcraft|Traincar}}
  • Aircraft are tagged with {{cat tag|Aircraft}} or {{cat tag|aircraft|Airship}} for example
  • Watercraft are tagged with {{cat tag|watercraft|Ship}} or {{cat tag|watercraft|Boat}}
  • Spacecraft are tagged with {{cat tag|Spacecraft}}
Any more specialised vehicles should be {{tag}}d to the specific page and then added to one of the above too
If the vehicle is present in {{tag+}}, that template should add one of the above categories automatically
If no type is provided, it will show as Type: Unknown as can be seen above

Location & Setting

provide the name of the planet and it will be linked to
provide the name of the series to link to the appropriate alternative earth page
if either of the above are too specific a generalised universe link or tag can be passed

If none of the above properties are given, it will show as World: Unknown as can be seen above


|creator= or |creators=
provide links to the people or groups who created the vehicle
|owner= or |owners=
provide links to the people or groups who own or have owned the vehicle
provide a link to the person in charge of the vehicles operations


override the infobox title to the name passed
override the default categorisation of category: Objects and Materials
the template will remove the default category when used on any page not in the main namespace

Articles using Template