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Every page on Coppermind is filed into a certain namespace. Look at your current URL... Do you see the Help: portion? This page is in the "Help" namespace! Here's some common namespaces to be aware of:

This is the namespace where all of the articles are located. This namespace doesn't use any prefix--just the article name. (Note that all page titles are case sensitive.)
Every user can create a user page (and subpages) as described above. These page titles begin with User:.
Images and other media files may be uploaded to Coppermind for use in articles. They each get their own page in the File namespace, where you can see metadata about the file. These page titles begin with File:. For more on uploading and using files, see Help:Images.
Every page should be sorted into categories. They help us keep everything organized and easy to find. Category pages are created on the Category namespace. The page will automatically populate with links to all the pages that reference that category. These page titles begin with Category:. For more on Categories, see Help:Categories.
Template pages are where we create, define, and document templates to be used in other pages. Templates are basically shortcuts to help simplify tricky or common formatting needs. The info boxes you see on the top right corner of many articles are created with templates. Citations make use of them as well. They're everywhere! These page titles begin with Template:. For more on Templates, see Help:Templates.
Other Namespaces
This list isn't comprehensive, so you may notice other namespaces (like "Help").
Talk Namespaces
For every namespace there's an associated Talk namespace as well. This is where the related Discussion pages are found.