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Type Warship
World of Origin First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere

The ironhull is a type of steam-powered ship from the Eelakin Islands on First of the Sun.[1]


We have two ironhulls armed with cannons watching the waters. Those can take on even a deepwalker, if they have to.

The ships are "enormous" in size and outfitted with cannons. Although ironhulls have the capabilities of a warship, they are not used in battle, but rather for traveling through the dangerous seas near the Pantheon islands. The waters of the Pantheon contain massive creatures known as deepwalkers, and the reinforced hulls of the ships are intended to defend against the deepwalker's attacks. The cannons mounted on the ships are quite powerful, as they are able to kill a deepwalker.[1]


Vathi notes that the Eelakin people have only recently worked out marine propulsion,[1] implying that the ironhulls are brand new technology; this rapid advancement in marine engineering was likely influenced by the Ones Above. Ironhulls are used as mercantile ships by the Northern Interests Trading Company, transporting equipment and personnel to the Pantheon, where the Company traps Aviar for resale. Eusto and his team bring at least two ironhulls on the Patji expedition. Dusk sees a "mountainous" deepwalker carcass near the Company's fortress on Patji, confirming the capabilities of the ships.[1]


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