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Parents Lin Yang-Tanasin, Zoran Tanasin
Siblings Paul Tanasin
Homeworld Earth (Dark One)
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Nikka is the younger sister of Paul Tanasin, and his best friend. She died during a visit to Mirandus when Paul bound her soul to the necklace her mother bought her while attempting to save her from a mine.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]


Nikka has dark brown hair like her brother, just shy of should length with a straight fringe.[2] She has light colored skin, and pale blue eyes.[1] Nikka appears to Paul as a figure all in shades of blue, as she is dead and her soul is bound to her necklace that Paul keeps with him.[2]

Nikka typically wears a t-shirt and pants, however she switches to a tunic with a pattern down the middle of it, wrapped with a big thick belt, at the Well of Sorrows.[2][1]


Then how do you explain this adorable face!

—Nikka jokingly to Paul with her tongue hanging out[2]

Nikka cares deeply for Paul, wanting to help him but unable to do much as she is no longer alive. She will joke with Paul to try help him when he is struggling.[2] Even before Nikka was bound to her own necklace by Paul, she would do everything with Paul, them looking after each-other as well as being best friends.[1]

Nikka can be harsh, telling Paul the truth he needs to, but doesn't want to hear. Despite every previous Dark One losing to the Kingdoms of Light as set out by the Narrative, Nikka encourages Paul to take up the Dark One mantle, knowing what it will entail and likely do to him.[1]



Nikka was the second child of Lin Yang-Tanasin and Zoran Tanasin. Zoran would spend much of his time on Mirandus, losing track of time due to how time works on Mirandus, and so she would be raised by her older brother Paul a fair amount. Nikka would spend most of her time with her brother Paul, sneaking around and playing games together. During a family shopping trip, Nikka begged her mother for an ornate necklace, which her mother agreed to buy for her. She would keep this necklace with her for the rest of her life.[1]

After Nikka and Paul's father died, they snuck into his office and discovered strange objects such as a drull head in a jar, large creature skulls, a map of Mirandus, and a mirror that Paul insists is where their father went. Paul led Nikka through the mirror which transported them to Mirandus, where they had fun exploring. A stranger on a tall legged mount would try to warn them of mines, but they heard too late and Nikka stepped on one. Paul killed Nikka and bound her soul to the necklace she wore trying to save her.[1]


Paul kept Nikka's necklace with him, allowing him to see and talk to her. Paul had no memory of Nikka being his sister, thinking she was an imaginary friend. When Sir Ysla was sent to kill Paul, Nikka felt something was about to happen and urged Paul to run. Paul killed Sir Ysla to protect Nikka after the knight grabbed the necklace and she started crying out in pain.[2]

On Mirandus, Nikka did not speak to Paul much until they reached the Well of Sorrows in the city of Pitch, looking on unhappily as Paul traveled with Feotora for a bit of their journey. At the well, she convinced Paul he needed to drink from the well to gain power and knowledge as the Dark One. Because they were now close to the well, Nikka was able to show Paul memories from their childhood to help him remember.[1]

During the final battle, Nikka watched and waited to see Paul fall to the Destined One. She would be surprised though, when Paul defeated Kraisis and Feotora to give victory to the dark, being the first Dark One to ever win. She was unable to give further advice to Paul when he asked her alongside Rastik, as this was something neither had any knowledge of how to deal with.[3]


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