Dark One (title)

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Dark One (title)
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Universe Dark One
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The Dark One rules the drull, the Blackened Lands, and the war machines of old.

The Dark One is a dread tyrant from Earth, who rises up to lead the drull against the Kingdoms of Light on Mirandus.[1] The Dark One is always opposed by the Destined One, a magical figure who rises up and fights for the light.[2] Prior to Paul Tanasin, no Dark One had ever been victorious over their Destined One counterpart.[3]


That is what you couldn't tell me. What the well had to teach. The Dark One's power is not death. It's Taking a life--and binding it.

—Paul Tanasin explaining to Rastik[3]

The Dark One can kill someone, and has the power to use their soul by binding it to an object. Binding the soul to an object gives the object power. The emotions the person was feeling at the time of their death influences the power given to the object when bound. Since Nikka loved her brother Paul, the necklace she was bound to protected Paul and kept him safe. Sir Ysla hated Paul and wanted to kill him, so the sword he was bound to became very good at killing and Paul was able to use it to great effect.[3]

The Dark One also has many Ironkeepers at their disposal, though they also require a soul to be bound to power them. One soul is enough to power many Ironkeepers. Paul kills Rastik at their insistence, to power the Ironkeepers stationed in the Dark Keep when the Kingdoms of Light start their assault on Pitch.[3]

Malmahan the Uncalled also has the ability to take control of people, doing so in the courtroom where his trial is taking place. Malmahan claims that he can take control of them due to the hatred they feel for him, as he has made himself something of a legend on Earth from all the murders he has committed, and as people can't remember his face. Malmahan has complete control over these people, able to get them to jump from a great height to their injury or death, without hesitation.[1]

Notable Dark Ones[edit]


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