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Lin Yang-Tanasin
Spouse Zoran Tanasin
Children Paul, Nikka
Profession Defense lawyer
World Earth (Dark One)
Featured In Dark One
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I cannot run from this case, your honor. I am Caligo's defense, and I must defend.

—Lin to the court judge[1]

Lin Yang-Tanasin is an attorney from New York City at the law firm Mitchell and Young and is the mother of Paul Tanasin.[2][3] She is assigned to defend Mr. Caligo, a serial killer, by Geoffrey Mitchell.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]


Lin is of medium height, with long black hair that is tied up in a bun during court proceedings.[2][1] She has a small mouth, thin nose, and has her ear lobes pierced. Lin sometimes wears glasses when working.[2]


That's the job, sweetie. Love the unloveable.

—Lin to Paul about defending a serial killer[2]

Lin is a very caring person, defending the criminals accused of the worst crimes, as she believes in who they might be rather than who they are. Despite the strained relationship between her and her son Paul, she cares very deeply for him, something Caligo relies upon to get back to Mirandus.[2][4] Lin gets Paul into therapy and offers him money despite him having moved out, wanting to help him still despite him wanting independence. However, she gets so consumed by her work that she forgets details like the exact date of her son's birthday.[2]

She tries to do her best for her clients; she petitions the judge on Caligo's behalf for the death penalty in his case after he requests it.[1] Despite wanting Caligo to be locked up, Lin still talks about trying for a reduced sentence if he reveals details about the other deaths he admits to.[3]



Lin married Zoran Tanasin and had two children with him, Paul and Nikka. During their children's childhood, Lin would be left alone by Zoran to look after the kids as he travelled to Mirandus and would lose track of time due to the lack of time passing there. Lin was further left to look after her children by herself after Zoran's death. She later lost Nikka who died on Mirandus while playing there with Paul.[1]


Sometime prior to Caligo's arrest, Lin came to a deal with Paul for him to move out and get his own place, with the condition he see a professional for his mental health. After winning the biggest case of the year, Lin moved onto Caligo's case, where she was pressured into seeking a plea deal by Geoffrey Mitchell on behalf of all the board at the law firm.[2]

During the meeting with her client, Mr. Caligo, Lin tried to convince Caligo of the benefits of a plea deal; however, to her surprise, he wished for nothing but the death penalty. Lin did not understand why Caligo let himself get captured if he wanted to die and didn't kill himself, as the state didn't have the death penalty. She agreed to consider his request of a plea deal, in exchange for him admitting to further crimes and the death penalty.[3]

Once the court proceedings for the case of Mr. Caligo had started, Lin put forth Caligo's offer, much to the judge's anger. Lin was pulled into the judge's chambers to discuss the matter where Lin tried to convince the judge of the validity of the offer; however, it was outright refused, no matter the arguments put forth. Back in the courtroom, once he learned of this decision, Caligo used the Dark One's power to take control of everyone in the room except Lin, whom he demanded shoot him.[1] Caligo declared himself Malmahan the Uncalled, and explained how he killed so many people to power the peragator and get back to Mirandus. Caligo started to threaten to kill everyone Lin knew before she shot him and they were both transported to Mirandus.[4]

Lin was taken hostage by Caligo on Mirandus, and forced to watch him plan to take over, now that Paul had successfully defeated the Kingdoms of Light.[5]


Paul Tanasin[edit]

Lin has a strained relationship with her son, so much so that Paul moved into his own apartment at the age of seventeen. She still cares deeply for her son however, and wants to help him which is why she agreed to him moving out, as long as he started seeing Dr. Marcus. Lin struggles with this arrangement though, and forgetting which day Paul's birthday is doesn't help their relationship.[2] Caligo is able to use Lin's love for her son to help them transition to Mirandus using the peragator in the court room.[4]


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