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Not Who at all, sire. Simply those of the Legion of Empty Death.

Rastik explaining Ironkeepers to Paul Tanasin[1]

Ironkeepers are big empty sets of armor that stand at attention in the Dark Keep. Once the Dark One has drunk from the Well of Sorrows, they are able to power the Ironkeepers and control them.[1]


Ironkeepers are big, dark suit-like automatons that have eight eye-like holes in their sunken, rounded head. Ironkeepers are bulky, with shoulder pads that reach almost to the top of their heads, and arms reaching down almost to their knees. Ironkeepers have two, chain rings on their chest.[2]

Some Ironkeepers carry a simple, black blade that is almost as long as it's arm. Others are either empty-handed, or carry a large hammer.[2]


The Ironkeepers were created sometime during a previous Dark One's rise. They were built by the drull to be more powerful than themselves, to better fight the Kingdoms of Light.[1]

Once Paul Tanasin reached the Dark Keep, he noticed the Ironkeepers standing guard before the Well of Sorrows in the entrance of the Dark Keep.[1] Once Paul had drunk from the Well of Sorrows and gained his powers, he killed Rastik to use their soul to power the Ironkeepers stationed around Pitch, to help in the ongoing fight in the city between the drull and the Kingdoms of Light.[2]


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