Blackened Lands

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Blackened Lands
Capital Pitch
World Mirandus
Featured In Dark One
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The Blackened Lands are a major region on Mirandus.[1] The region is known as drull lands by the people of the Kingdoms of Light, for the drull that live here. The capital city of the Blackened Lands is Pitch, and is ruled by the Dark One. It is said that the air itself tells lies, and the ground changes between stone and sand to confuse travellers in the region.[2]

Geography and Ecology[edit]

North of the Quiet River, the Blackened Lands are a barren, rocky landscape with very little in the way of flora and fauna.[1][2] Leafless trees are dotted around the harsh landscape, breaking up the stone and sand. The trees shoot lightning at intruders in these lands. The terrain is primarily open plains, with mountains and hills with sharp cliffs.[2]

Packs of Evermouths roam the land, hunting anyone foolish enough to wander around by themselves. Large birds soar in the air high above the ground. Human faces are not common in the Blackened Lands, however rumors speak of faces being cut off of unwary humans and worn as masks to sow confusion.[2]

The cities in the Blackened Lands are primarily made out of stone and bricks, most of which have fallen into disrepair over the years from all the battles that have occurred against the Kingdoms of Light.[3]


The Dark One rules the drull, the Blackened Lands, and the war machines of old.

Rastik describing the Dark One[3]

The Blackened Lands is ruled by the Dark One of the current verse in the Narrative, with all drull obeying the word of the Dark One and giving their lives for them.[2] The drull and the Dark One are always opposed against the Kingdoms of Light, battling the Destined One as the Narrative foretells.[2]


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