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Abilities Destined One
World Mirandus
Featured In Dark One
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Kraisis is a brown haired man on Mirandus who Illarion groomed to be the Destined One from a young age.[1][2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Kraisis has some magical ability, being the one to create the doorway for Sir Ysla to travel to Earth to hunt down Paul Tanasin.[1]

Kraisis is a capable fighter, spending many of his waking hours training to be a great fighter. Kraisis proves this in when Feotora challenges him to fight, and would have defeated her if not for Illarion's intervention.[2]


Under Illarion's instruction, Kraisis recruits Sir Ysla and sets up the ritual to transport the knight to Earth, to find and kill the new Dark One.[1]

After Feotora brings word of Paul Tanasin's rise as the latest Dark One, and the late King Gosovic's death; Kraisis helps lead a campaign to defeat Paul and the drull at Pitch.[2] Despite bringing Paul to his knees, Paul kills Kraisis in the fight, returning his soul to the soil to raise more drull and bring about their first victory against the Kingdoms of Light.[3]


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