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Parents Gosovic
Titles Commander of the Long Hunt, Princess (former), Queen
World Mirandus
Featured In Dark One
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Paul, I am Commander of the Long Hunt. The Destined One may be charged with slaying the Dark One, but the drull horde, their beasts and war machines...these threats must be met with steel. The Destined One is our shining sword, the Narrative's chosen. But I am the kingdom's bloodied blade.

—Feotora to Paul Tanasin[1]

Princess Feotora is the daughter of Chronicle King Gosovic,[2] and the Commander of the Long Hunt. Feotora is the current queen and leader of the light's army after the late king's death.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]


Feotora has long blonde hair, pale skin, and light blue eyes typical of many denizens of the Kingdoms of Light. Adorned mostly in white clothing with a white cape, and commonly wielding a sword, she wears a gold crown with large spikes indicating her status as a princess when not in battle.[2]


Feotora tries to be an honorable person of Mirandus, giving Paul the time to get to his feet before she will kill him when they first meet. She can be very cold when following the Narrative, barely hesitating to kill a drull encampment, and immediately tries to kill Paul when he starts to reveal his powers as the Dark One.[1]

She does not lack compassion, bonding with Paul as she tells him about the Narrative and how she wanted to be the Destined One as a child.[1] Feotora does not want to see the light lose, and despite knowing she has to lead them to defeat the Dark One due to her father's inaction, she still is upset at what Illarion tells her.[3]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Combat Skills[edit]

Feotora is a capable fighter; she engages a pack of Evermouths chasing after her and Paul, without hesitation, and defeats many drull with ease because they are in her way.[1] When she leads the attack against the Black City, she destroys an Ironkeeper after a short battle.[4]


Feotora is a capable leader, planning and leading the light's attack against the dark, fighting and killing many drulls herself. The battle goes in the light's favor until Paul kills Kraisis and uses his soul to raise more drull to fight. After Paul defeats her, she knows the battle is lost and the best action is to retreat, calling for it despite her preference to keep fighting.[4]


Feotora grew up on Mirandus in the Chronicle Keep. Feotora grew up knowing of Kraisis and how he was to be the next Destined One under the guidance of Illarion. Despite this, Feotora would sneak out of the keep late at night and practice fighting drull with a tree branch.[1][3]

When Illarion announced he had seen the Dark One before the King, Feotora wanted to start culling the drull and to immediately set out to kill the Dark One. King Gosovic allowed her to gather her forces and hunt the drull, but did not allow her to attempt to kill the Dark One before the narrative had played out and the Destined One's rise.[2]

While Feotora was hunting drull in the Blackened Lands, she came across Paul Tanasin, who she first thought was a drull. After he convinced her otherwise, they travelled together towards the Kingdoms of Light, and faced off against a pack of Evermouths before attacking a drull camp. During this fight, Feotora saw Paul wield the Dark One's power and tried to defeat him, but retreated after the drull defended Paul from her.[1]

After failing to kill Paul, Feotora made her way back to the Kingdoms of Light and spoke to the king of what she had seen. After King Gosovic refused to take action against the Dark One, Feotora vented her frustrations with a fight against Kraisis, which was interrupted by Illarion. He interrupted the fight to explain the truth of the Narrative to her. In his chambers, he showed Feotora a gateway to Earth, and made claims that the Narrative had been stolen by Earth. After King Gosovic's death late one night soon after; Feotora was crowned queen of the Kingdoms of Light by Illarion. Feotora then led her army to fight the Dark One in the Black City.[3]

During the battle, Feotora single-handedly defeated an Ironkeeper and fought many drull. Feotora witnessed Kraisis' defeat at the hands of Paul the Dark One, and then attempted to fight Paul. After being defeated herself, she called a retreat and was helped away from the conflict.[4]


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