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Spouse Mary Mitchell
Abilities Destined One
Titles The Arcane Shield of Mirandus, The Dark One's Bane, The Destined One of Light's Kingdoms, The Hero of the Burning Night, The White Wizard[1]
Homeworld Earth (Dark One)
Introduced In Dark One Book 1
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I must be the last Destined One not of Mirandus.

—Illarion to Feotora[2]

Geoffrey Mitchell, known in Mirandus as Illarion, is both a named partner at the law firm Mitchell and Young in New York City, and also a Destined One from the cycle prior to Malmahan the Uncalled. No Destined One rose to match Malmahan after the previous Dark One, so Illarion went to combat Malmahan personally, becoming the first Destined One to defeat two Dark Ones.

Appearance and Personality[edit]


Geoffrey is a tall, well built, pale figure with blue eyes, and short hair that he has curled over his forehead. Meeting with Lin Yang-Tanasin, he wears a black suit, with a plain white shirt. On Mirandus, Geoffrey as Illarion the White Wizard wears a white robe with a hood pulled up, and a golden crown inlaid with a gold gem, placed over top of his robes.[1]


Geoffrey is very manipulative, doing whatever he can to get his own way. He works with Lin Yang-Tanasin so that he can convince her to get a plea deal, eventually getting his way.[1] Geoffrey claims the Narrative was stolen by Earth to convince Feotora that the king needs to be replaced by her, so that they can take the fight to the Dark One, convincing the daughter of the king to commit treason.[2]

He is willing to go to any length for his belief; sending a knight to kill Paul Tanasin before he comes into his powers despite Gosovic's orders, and committing treason with Feotora later after this plan fails.[1][2]


Previous Narrative Verses[edit]

Geoffrey was born on Earth, rising to become the Destined One to fight and defeat an unnamed Dark One. Sometime after, a new Dark One rose unopposed; Malmahan the Uncalled. Geoffrey took upon the role of Destined One again, and defeated Malmahan by banishing him to Earth.[2] Geoffrey proceeded to train Kraisis as his apprentice to take up the role of Destined One in the next cycle of the Narrative in his stead, even while spending time on Earth as well as Mirandus.[1]

Current Narrative Verse[edit]

Geoffrey found the next Dark One on Earth; Lin Yang-Tanasin's son Paul. He brought this news to the Kingdoms of Light, and attempted to convince King Gosovic to allow him to kill Paul before the Narrative would start. However, he was denied as Gosovic insisted the Narrative must be allowed to play out.[1] After seeing Feotora fight Kraisis to let out some anger after she tried and failed to kill Paul, Geoffrey spoke to her about the Narrative and explained how all Destined and Dark Ones came from Earth. He then convinced her that a new leader was needed to fight Paul and his armies, to help reclaim the Narrative from Earth which he claimed had stolen it. After Gosovic's mysterious death late at night, Geoffrey declared Feotora as queen, and she then led the unsuccessful attack against the Dark One.[2][3]


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