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World Earth (Dark One)
Featured In Dark One
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This world is a cage. You're trapped in it, same as me. But I've built us an escape, Tanasin-wife. Years of work. So many souls. All for this device. The peragator.

The peragator is a magical device created by Malmahan during his time on Earth under the guise of Mr. Caligo.


It took Malmahan "years of work" and "many souls" to create the peragator. He confesses to 28 total murders - 15 the police knew about, and 13 they didn't, - one per year, but it is unclear whether the construction of the peragator took nearly three decades and as many souls. Given the events leading up to his return to Mirandus, it appears that Caligo hid the device in one of his teeth, or disguised it as one.


Little is known about the actual function of the peragator, other than it allows Malmahan to return to Mirandus alongside Lin Yang-Tanasin. Considering that Paul returns to Earth in the same place Malmahan disappeared from, it is possible that Paul's eviction from Mirandus was also tied to the peragator - though it is also possible that there is another cause for this.

Caligo claims that to activate the peragator, it requires one last soul, as death is the door. He gets Lin to kill him as he can use her memory of Mirandus and love of her son Paul for both them to step through to Mirandus.[2]


  • The word "peragator" is not an actual English word, but "peragration" is, and it means "an act of traversing"[3]. It's possible that Brandon took inspiration from it, considering that the the peragator is a device for traversing between worlds.


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