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Children Feotora
Titles Chronicle King
World Mirandus
Featured In Dark One

Gosovic is the late Chronicle King of the Kingdoms of Light on Mirandus.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]


Gosovic is an old wizened king with long white hair and a matching colored, thick bushy beard that reaches his chest. He wears a long white cloak with gold embroidery wrapping the shoulders, and a silver crown bordering his face embedded with a simple gold gem.[1] Gosovic has piercing blue eyes.[2]


The king has strong unwavering beliefs, never doubting in the Narrative and the eventual victory by the Kingdoms of Light over the Dark One and their armies. He does not want to influence the Narrative; sitting back, content to let it play out rather than disrupt what is yet to come.[1] Gosovic will ponder thoughts provided by his subjects with eyes closed, but will open them and be clear and distinct with his decisions once his mind is made up.[2]


After Mr. Caligo's capture on Earth, Illarion travelled to Mirandus to inform Gosovic and the court of the rise of a new Dark One. Despite Illarion and Feotora's insistence, Gosovic refused to allow anyone to take action against Paul Tanasin, insisting on allowing the Narrative to proceed as normal, giving time for the Destined One to rise up in opposition naturally.[1]

After Feotora returned to the Kingdom after her run in with Paul, she announced that she had seen the Dark One, and once again insisted that action should be taken. Gosovic still refused to allow any actions to be taken, much to the anger of Feotora and Illarion. Late at night not long after, a cloaked figure wielding a dagger entered the chamber where he dozed on a chair. The next morning, Illarion proclaimed Feotora as the new queen of the kingdom, claiming Gosovics passed peacefully in his sleep.[2]


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