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Sapient Yes
World Mirandus
Featured In Dark One
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The drull are a sapient species on Mirandus that live in the Blackened Lands.[1] They are born directly from the soil of Mirandus, and have no parents.[2]

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Drull are similar in appearance to humans, being bipedal beings with opposable thumbs. Drull are similar enough in appearance to humans for stray humans in the Blackened Lands to be mistaken for one.[1] They generally have larger ears and a flatter face, with slits where nostrils would be. Drull's skin can vary in color, being muted brown, a grayish blue or an earthly green.[3]

Typically drull are attired in earthly colored clothes, quite often being a long, baggy shirt wrapped with some form of belt over top simple pants. Many wear some form of headgear, generally made of a loose material, though some wear helmets.[1]

Drull are grown from the soil of Mirandus, and are not born like humans. Drull have parent figures, but they are referred to as kretchsires and tend to the child from their sprouting.[2] The Dark One is able to bind a human soul to the soil of Mirandus to raise more drull.[3]


Drull are native to Mirandus, mainly inhabiting the Blackened Lands.[1] They live in great cities they built under the guidance of the Dark Ones of the past; however, a lot of these were partially destroyed in previous battles.[2] The main threat to drull are the patrols and armies of the Kingdoms of Light, who will go out of their way to kill drull, as the drull follow the Dark One.[1]

The drull are so dedicated to the Dark One that they will die for them, thankful when they die, be it at the hands of others or by the hands of the Dark One.[1] Drull will freely offer their lives for the Dark One to use to fuel the Dark One's power, crying tears of joy while it happens.[2]


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