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World of Origin Mirandus
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Evermouths are giant green lizard creatures that call the Blackened Lands on Mirandus home.[1]

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Evermouths are large quadrupedal creatures, similarly sized to a horse. They have green skin, with plumes of reddish-orange hair behind their legs and on the back of the head down the back of the neck. They have orange eyes, and a large mouth that is able to swallow a human whole to slowly digest them.[1]


Be aware it will swallow you at the earliest opportunity. And then it will digest you for the rest of your lifespan.

Evermouths roam the Blackened Lands in packs, hunting for food. They will hunt after prey over large distances, covering the ground faster than a mounted person can.[1]

Paul Tanasin is somehow able to subdue a lone Evermouth that he comes across not long after appearing on Mirandus. He is able to keep and control the Evermouth as a mount, like one would a horse.[1]


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