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The Narrative is the bedrock upon which our world is built. It is not a book--it is the web of all life, time, fate, and destiny.

The Narrative is belief system that the people of the Kingdoms of Light and the drull on Mirandus follow. The Narrative outlines repeating history in verses or chapters, with a Dark One rising up in each one to lead the drull, and a Destined One rising up to oppose and defeat them.[1]


Dark One[edit]

The Narrative details the rise of a being, titled the Dark One, who rules those without a soul in the Blackened Lands on Mirandus. The Dark One prepares their forces for conquest against the Kingdoms of Light, before laying siege and claiming souls to further fuel their weapons.[2]

Destined One[edit]

A champion of the light also rises up to defend the Kingdoms of Light from the Dark One and their forces. The Destined One as they are so called, has the power to connect worlds, and to edit words of the Narrative itself. The Destined One edits the words of the Narrative to defeat the Dark One, and is always successful.[2]



The Narrative started with Karkun, the first Dark One. Karkun's time as the Dark One is described as being timeless, and somehow it set the Narrative in motion. Karkun created the Dark Keep in which the Well of Sorrows is contained, the source of all Dark Ones' powers.[1] Karkun was eventually defeated by an unnamed Destined One at an unknown time.

The Great Sundering[edit]

After Illarion defeated the Dark One he rose to oppose, a new Dark One soon rose up unopposed.[1] Malmahan the Uncalled was different to all previous Dark Ones, and came the closest to victory out of any Dark One, though he was eventually defeated by Illarion. Illarion was the first Destined One to defeat two Dark Ones, and in doing so he trapped Malmahan on Earth.[1] Malmahan's tenure as Dark One somehow broke the Narrative, helping the next Dark One, Paul Tanasin, to victory over the Kingdoms of Light, the first Dark One to do so.[3][4]


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