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Ruled by Dark One
Region Blackened Lands
World Mirandus
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Pitch, known as the Black City, is the capital of the Blackened Lands on Mirandus.[1] Pitch was built either before or during the time of Karkun, the first Dark One. The city is home to the drull, where they congregate and build Ironkeepers to fight against the Kingdoms of Light[2]


Pitch is located centrally within the Blackened Lands, sitting on top of the Backflow, a river that connects the Rust Banks in the north to the Quiet River in the south.[1] The city contains the Dark Keep, dominating the many surrounding stone and brick buildings that make up the city. Large arched stone bridges dominate the city, intermixed with towers that are dwarfed by the Black Keep, which sits above all other buildings. Contained within the Black Keep is the Well of Sorrows.[2]

The city was built over centuries to house the followers of the Dark One, the drull, and as a place to remember previous leaders and protect the drull's most sacred places. The drull built great weapons such as the Ironkeepers, that were kept here for the Dark One's use.[2]

Following the losses from all the previous iterations of the Narrative, the city has fallen into disrepair. Collapsed buildings litter the city, and the many arches are crumbling to pieces, barely holding together. Drull litter the streets, living in ramshackled houses.[2]


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