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Mirandus is an alternate world connected to Earth. It contains the Kingdoms of Light and the Blackened Lands.[1] Mirandus is described as a dream, with Earth being the echo of it.[2]



Culture and Society[edit]


Mirandus is primarily split into two nations, the Kingdoms of Light, and the Blackened Lands, each the primary home of different beings.[3][4] The Kingdoms of Light is home to a race of pre-industrial humans, whilst the Blackened Lands are the lands of the drull, human-like beings born grown from the soils of Mirandus.[5]


Time works differently on Mirandus to Earth, with the people of Mirandus not understanding the concept of an hour.[4][5] A day and night cycle is observed, though it is said there are no days on Mirandus.[5] The Narrative outlines a repeating story that keeps occurring with the continuous rise of a Dark One and an opposing Destined One.[5][3]


The Narrative is fundamental to Mirandus and the beliefs of both the humans and drull that live there.[4][5] It outlines the rise of a Dark One, and a Destined One to oppose and defeat them.[4]


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