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Abilities Dark One
Homeworld Mirandus
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I am the evil itself.

—Malmahan to Lin[1]

Malmahan the Uncalled is a Dark One on Mirandus.[2][1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]


Malmahan has short brown hair generally parted to the side, with a very pronounced eyebrow ridge that keeps his blue eyes in darkness. He has a chiseled face and hollow cheeks beneath distinct cheek bones.[2]


On Mirandus[edit]

Malmahan rose as Dark One in Mirandus. No Destined One appeared to challenge his power and he nearly destroyed the Kingdoms of Light and Mirandus. Illarion, the Destined One from the previous cycle, went to fight Malmahan because Illarion refused to wait for a Destined One to match Malmahan.[3] Illarion ended up victorious, but in reality, Illarion somehow sent Malmahan to Earth.[1]

On Earth[edit]

Malmahan assumed the name of Mr. Caligo in his time on Earth. He killed at least one individual each year for the Peragator, a device which would allow him to return to Mirandus.[4][1] He killed twenty-eight individuals in total, of which the police knew of fifteen.[3] He was eventually arrested after the work of a detective and a true crime podcast.[4] He hired the law firm of Mitchell and Young for his criminal defense.[4] One lawyer at the firm, Lin Yang-Tanasin, visited Malmahan in jail, who was kept in solitary confinement. The guards warned Lin that Malmahan was a dangerous criminal and that she could only communicate with him nonverbally, which she rejected. She was still refused sharp objects and instructed her to sit throughout the visit. The guards brought Malmahan out, wearing a muzzle. Malmahan explained to Lin that a man said something extremely racist, so Malmahan bit his tongue out. Malmahan wished to plead guilty for his murders, and wanted to help the police find his other victims which they had never found. Malmahan wanted the state to execute him as quickly as possible.[2]

At his trial, the court denied his request for the death penalty. Malmahan then used his abilities as Dark One and used the hatred all of the members of the court to possess them. Only Lin remained unpossessed. Malmahan grabbed a gun and forced Lin to shoot him dead.[3] He explained that the Peragator required one last death: his own. However, he couldn't kill himself to activate it. He threatened to murder every single person Lin ever loved, and she shot him. This transitioned both Malmahan and Lin into Mirandus. It also caused Paul Tanasin, the current Dark One, to travel back from Mirandus to the courthouse where Malmahan's trial took place.[1]


  • During the epilogue, Malmahan's speech bubbles switch from the standard black text on white background, to white text on black background.[5]


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