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Destined One
Related to Narrative, Dark One
Universe Dark One
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The Destined One is the Narrative's champion in each generation.

The Destined One is a hero from Earth who rises up to oppose the Dark One, leading the fight against them on Mirandus.[1][2]

Powers and Abilities[edit]

The Destined One has the ability to reach worlds outside of Mirandus, while remaining bound to Mirandus.[1] The Destined One can travel to and from Earth, as Illarion does where he works for Mitchell and Young. They can create a portal to allow other people to travel between worlds as well.[3] Their magic is said to edit the words of the Narrative itself, despite the Narrative being self writing.[1]


Prior to the rise of Malmahan the Uncalled, for every Dark One's rise, a Destined One rose up to fight and defeat them.[1] With Malmahan's rise, no Destined One rose up to oppose him, and so Illarion took it upon himself to defeat a second Dark One, the first Destined One to ever do so.[2]

With Paul Tanasin's rise as the latest Dark One, Illarion proclaimed Kraisis as his successor after Gosovic would not allow him to fight a third Dark One. However, Kraisis was the first Destined One to fail, as Paul defeated him in combat and bound his soul to bring forth more drull.[3][4]

Notable Destined Ones[edit]

  • Illarion (Only Destined One to have defeated two Dark Ones)
  • Kraisis (Latest Destined One, trained by Illarion)


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