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Species Drull
Homeworld Mirandus
First Appeared Dark One Book 1
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Rastik is a drull on Mirandus. They discover Paul Tanasin is the latest Dark One,[1] and lead Paul to Pitch and the Well of Sorrows to gain power and knowledge.[2] Paul kills Rastik to activate the Ironkeepers at Pitch when the Kingdoms of Light attack it.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]


Rastik is a drull with brownish grey skin, large prominent ears and angled slits for a nose. Like a lot of drull, the slits for nose make them appear to have a rather flat face, with clear lines extending from their mouth to their ears. Rastik wears simple, one piece clothing, with basic patterns on the shoulders. They wear a simple belt holding a pouch, and a band of material to keep their black hair out of their face in two angle cone shapes.[2]


Rastik has a very joking personality, while still being perfectly obedient and respectful. Rastik offers small, sarcastic comments when Paul is struggling to come to terms with the fact he is the Dark One. Rastik has a strong belief in the Narrative despite all the horrors the drull have faced throughout its many iterations. They serve the Dark One in whichever way the Dark One chooses, even offering up their life for the Dark One's use, as the Narrative directs.[2]


Rastik, like all drull, was grown from the soils of Mirandus an unknown time before Paul's rise as the Dark One. They were raised by their kretchsires, Rasgor and Flatik.[2]

When Paul and Feotora attacked the camp of drull near the Warfields of Karkun Rastik was residing with, they ordered the defence of Paul after he revealed himself as the Dark One and Feotora tried to kill him. Rastik proclaimed Paul as the latest Dark One as Feotora fled to alert the Kingdoms of Light.[1] Rastik in the meanwhile, led Paul to Pitch and the Well of Sorrows, providing information about the Dark One and their role in the Narrative, and offering advice along the journey.[2]

After leading Paul to his armor once the Kingdoms of Light started their attack on the city, Rastik offered their life to help fuel the weapons of the dark. After some convincing, Paul killed Rastik and bound their soul to raise the Ironkeepers standing guard around the Dark Keep. Rastik watched on as a bound soul as Paul fought Kraisis and Feotora, and was suprised alongside Nikka when Paul turned out victorious, the first time this had ever occurred. He was unable to offer advice on what was then to come.[3]


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