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Sir Ysla
Titles Knight, Sir Ysla of the Chosen Guard
Homeworld Mirandus
Introduced In Dark One Book 1
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By your power, I will know the Dark One. And by your power, Destined One, I will slay him.

—Sir Ysla proclaiming to Illarion his orders to kill the Dark One[1]

Sir Ysla is a knight from Mirandus who is a champion duelist and utterly loyal to the Kingdoms of Light. He is sent to Earth to try kill Paul Tanasin before he can gain the Dark One's power.[1]


Sir Ysla is an imposing figure with a large, bushy beard covering a good portion of his face, and a wide nose between his golden eyes. He is clad in full armor with a large billowing cape, and carries a one-handed sword. He wears a helmet, though keeps the visor up most of the time.[1]


After Illarion announced that he had discovered the newest Dark One, he immediately set Kraisis to work preparing to defeat Paul Tanasin before he could fully come into his powers. Kraisis prepared a portal to Earth, and recruited Sir Ysla to be the one to go through to Earth and kill Paul. Sir Ysla was sent through on his horse, decked in full armor, appearing in the middle of a street in New York. Through Kraisis' use of the Sigil of Seeking, Sir Ysla was able to track Paul to Dr. Marcus' office during Paul's emergency session with the doctor. Here Sir Ysla promptly beheaded Dr. Marcus for serving the Dark One, before Paul managed to escape through a window. Continuing to track Paul down in the street, Sir Ysla went to strike Paul down after taking possession of Nikka's necklace, causing great pain to her; before Paul used his Dark One powers to defeat the knight. Paul bound Sir Ysla's soul to the very sword he wielded to kill Paul, imbuing the sword with Sir Ysla's hatred of Paul to form a blade that was very good at killing.[1][2]


  • In one panel, Sir Ysla is encased in darkness and his beard makes it look like he is some sort of animal, mimicking his beast-like actions and disregard for life in this section of the novel.[1]


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