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Zoran Tanasin
Spouse Lin Yang-Tanasin
Children Paul, Nikka
World Earth (Dark One)
Featured In Dark One
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Zoran Tanasin is the late husband of Lin Yang-Tanasin, who died while fighting on Mirandus.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]


Zoran is dark haired man of considerable height. He has short black hair, with a full beard and a large nose. He typically wears a collared shirt.[1]


Zoran is a hard man, barely willing to stick around long after the birth of his daughter Nikka. Paul and Nikka have to raise each-other, partly due to him not being around during their childhood much as he would be on Mirandus.[1]


Zoran Tanasin fathered Paul and Nikka with his wife Lin Yang-Tanasin, but frequently was not around to help raise his children. He would spend much of their childhood on Mirandus after traveling there and losing track of time, despite Lin's many pleas for him to stay on Earth. During one of these visits to Mirandus, Zoran would meet his end, leaving behind his wife and children, who would forget his existence over time due to the nature of Mirandus.[1]


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