Warfields of Karkun

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Warfields of Karkun
Region Blackened Lands
World Mirandus
Featured In Dark One
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The Warfields of Karkun are an area of the Blackened Lands near Malmahan's Folly and the Quiet River on Mirandus.[1] The warfields are named after Karkun, the first Dark One.[2]

When Paul Tanasin arrived in Mirandus and met with Princess Feotora, they left the Warfields of Karkun to enter the Kingdoms of Light, but just before they entered the Kingdoms of Light, they encountered a drull fortification and attacked the drull there. Paul used his Dark One abilities in the fight and one drull, Rastik, recognized him as the next Dark One. Feotora then left Paul with the drull, feeling betrayed by Paul's lies.[3]


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