Threnodite system

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Threnodite system
Starchart threnody color.jpg
Shards None
Notable Planet(s) Threnody
Universe Cosmere
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The Threnodite system is the planetary system that contains Threnody, where Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell takes place. Though none of the planets in the system have Shards residing on them, the Shards Ambition, Mercy,[1] and Odium fought in the empty space of the system. It is unclear which side Mercy supported, though it seems likely that they were allied to Ambition, since Harmony reached out to them for help against Odium.[2] Ambition was mortally wounded as a result of this clash, and this calamity is at least a partial cause of the twisted forms of Investiture on Threnody. The system contains four planets, one of which has a moon.[3] It is significant that most of the celestial bodies in the system are named after songs of mourning.[4]


There are four planets in this system. Three of the four planets, as well as the sole moon, are named after different types of songs of mourning:


The planet closest to the sun.


This is the second planet from the sun, possessing a moon called Coronach.


The third planet from the sun, where Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell takes place. This planet has people on it, as well as a strong ambient Investiture presence in the form of the shades that populate the Forests found on one of the two continents. Threnody has no moon.


This planet is the furthest out in the system, and is much farther from the other three planets than they are from each other. It is also much larger than the other three planets, which are similar in size to each other. The exclamation "Purity's Eye," used by Nazh, likely derives from this planet.[5]


  • A Coronach is the Scottish gaelic version of a goll, and the third part of a round of mortuary keening.
  • A Monody is a poem lamenting a person's death.


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