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Aether homeworld
Shards Unknown
Investitures Aether
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Unknown
This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

There are potential allies out there. Moonlight's world, perhaps. Or the land of the aethers. Hell, maybe even Mythos.

The aether homeworld is a planet in the cosmere that is the origin of the aethers.[2] Kelsier mentioned the planet to Harmony as a potential ally for Scadrial.[1]


At an unknown point, it was struck by a force or entity known as the dark aether, leaving the planet inhospitable to aetherbound.[3][4]


They are known to worship the aethers as gods, which they believe predate not only the Shattering, but Adonalsium in its entirety.[3]


It has at least twelve known kingdoms, each one seemingly associated with a specific aether.[5] The exact nature of their governments is unknown, but they have a position known as a Raj, and a body known as the Coriander Court.[5]



  • The planet is a "12 world" just like Roshar is a 10 world and Scadrial is a 16 world.[6]
  • The planet is inspired by the Indian Subcontinent[7]
  • Lumar is not the aether planet.[8]
  • Brandon considers it to be one of the "core planets",[9][10] and is planning a series set on the world.[11]