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Parents Diolen
Relatives Idan (cousin)
Religion Shu-Dereth, Shu-Korath (formerly)
Ethnicity Aonic
Nationality Arelene
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere

It will take time to unseat an entire religion and set up a new one in its place.

—Waren, to Hrathen[1]

Lord Waren is a noble in Arelon on Sel. His conversion to Shu-Dereth is an important part of the gyorn Hrathen's plan to convert all of Arelon.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Waren is thin and has nearly-white blond hair.[1] He is quite young, presumably younger than Sarene.[2] He is intelligent and shrewd, with a keen understanding of power and political advantage.[1] He carries himself with an air of accomplishment and control.[2] Before his conversion to Shu-Dereth, he was widely known in Arelon as a pious Korathi, which had gained him notoriety among the nobility. Many people believe that his extreme piety was more opportunistic than genuine, and used for political gain.[1][2]


Waren is the oldest son of Baron Diolen, the owner of Kie Plantation. His deceased mother's name is unknown, but she was an acquaintance of Eshen, who considered her a decent woman and an excellent knitter.[2] Waren's name is based on Aon Are.[3]

When Hrathen came to Arelon with the intention of converting the nation to Shu-Dereth, he began by meeting with several young nobles in Kae, including Waren. Hrathen was surprised that he had accompanied his cousin Idan to the meeting because of Waren's reputation. Although Hrathen could see that Waren was not actually religious, he realized that the young man could be a valuable tool to him, and set to work convincing him that converting would bring him power and influence. Waren was concerned that it would take too long to unseat the power of Shu-Korath in Arelon, but Hrathen convinced him that the decline of Shu-Korath had been happening for a long time, using the fall of the Duladel Republic as an example. Waren left the meeting with a newfound respect for Hrathen.[1]

Later, Waren claimed to have seen a vision of Jaddeth commanding him to convert to Shu-Dereth. His abrupt conversion after years of strict adherence to Shu-Korath caused a stir among the nobles of Arelon. At one point, he was the topic of gossip among the women in Eshen's retinue, including Sarene. When Sarene attended a ball at Duke Telrii's estate with Shuden, Waren was in attendance as part of Hrathen's group. Though he wasn't technically supposed to be in Iadon's more exclusive room at the party, Waren used his proximity to Hrathen to attend anyway. Shuden noted to Sarene that Waren's conversion was worrisome due to his reputation, which Shuden believed to be opportunistic rather than genuine. Sarene took Waren's conversion as a dangerous sign for the nation, since it marked an important step in Hrathen's plan.[2]

Dilaf soon took Waren and many of Hrathen's other key supporters as odivs in a calculated move intended to undermine and destabilize the gyorn.[4][5][6] After Hrathen wrested back some control over the Derethi church in Arelon, he forced Dilaf to relieve his odivs, including Waren, of their oaths. Waren then became a krondet to Dilaf instead.[7] His fate following the invasion of Arelon and restoration of Elantris is unknown.


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