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Relatives Waren (cousin)
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Hrathen pursed his lips with dissatisfaction: The boy noble had been too easily swayed. As was often the case, the most outspoken man was the least discerning.

—Hrathen's opinion of Idan[1]

Idan is a noble in the Arelene court on Sel.[1]

He is among a group of relatively unimportant young lords (along with his cousin Waren and Ramear) whom Hrathen and Dilaf approach with a proposal to convert to Shu-Dereth. Hrathen plans to start his conversion of Arelon with lesser nobles, and believes that more important nobles will join them as he destabilizes the government.[1]

Idan is initially confused as to how converting will benefit him and the other nobles, and wonders who Hrathen perceives as the enemies of the Derethi. Hrathen appeals to the nobles' underlying insecurity and thirst for power by pointing out that many Arelene still cling to the idea that the Elantrians will one day return, which undermines the power of the throne. Idan is easily swayed to his cause, but Hrathen does not place any value on his change of heart since he was too easy to convince.[1]


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