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Leavenworth Smedry
House Smedry
Children Attica, Kaz, Pattywagon
Descendants Alcatraz, Folsom, Quentin
Abilities Smedry Talent, Oculator
Nationality Nalhallan
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians
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Leavenworth "Grandpa" Smedry is an Oculator and the head of House Smedry.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Leavenworth is an elderly man, mostly bald, with only some white, unkempt hair left on the back of his head. He wears a bushy white mustache.[1]

While in the Hushlands, Leavenworth wears a black tuxedo, believing it will make him blend in.

Grandpa Smedry has a very energetic and optimistic personality. He is vigorous and fit, despite his old age.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He has the Talent for always arriving late, which he has great control over. It is a time talent very close to the center of the Incarnate Wheel, for it is very unspecific. He is known to use this Talent to avoid being shot and to survive torture by arriving late to the pain.[2] He is even able to slow down groups of pursuers by switching sides and arriving late to his new target.[3]

Alcatraz figures out that he can use his grandfather's Talent to actually arrive early. He asks him to arrive with Crystin Knights to Mokia much sooner than it would be possible. As a result, Leavenworth was late in reference to the time Alcatraz had given him, but still arrived earlier than he normally would.[4][5]

Leavenworth Smedry is also a very skilled and powerful Oculator. He owns a rich collection of various lenses and has deep knowledge about them. He values knowledge-granting lens much more than combat ones.


Leavenworth came to Alcatraz's house the day after Shasta Smedry stole the Sands of Rashid. He was late. After saving Alcatraz from a Librarian assassin,[6] he led Alcatraz, Sing, Quentin, and Bastille on an infiltration of the downtown library to recover the sands. There, he faced Radrian Blackburn in an Oculator's Duel and lost, but was saved by Alcatraz.[7]

Leavenworth spent a few more months in the Hushlands, but separated from Alcatraz when he received a message from Shasta saying that Attica Smedry had gone to the Library of Alexandria. He arrived too late to stop Attica from giving his soul to the Curators of Alexandria or reclaim Attica's possessions before Shasta.

He helped protect the High King from the Librarians when he returned to Nalhalla and sent knights to help the Mokians during the siege of Mokia.

During the infiltration of the Highbrary, he played an instrumental role in keeping Himalaya and her team of Librarians alive by engaging all the Highbrary's fans at top speed, thereby disorganizing a large quantity of books and distracting their assailants. He arrived late to Attica's confrontation with Shasta and Alcatraz, at which point Biblioden revealed his true identity by shooting him in the head. However, his Talent returned just in time, and he began using it to arrive late to his own death.[8]


  • Grandpa Smedry has a tendency to curse using the names of Brandon's favorite writers. For example, "Rumbling Rawns!" refers to Melanie Rawn.[9]
  • His name is a reference to Fort Leavenworth, which is the location of the Military Corrections Complex.[10]


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