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Silimatic technologies use glass made from different types of sand to produce differing effects. Silimatic glasses can be used by anyone, but lenses can only be used by Oculators. Alcatraz Smedry has drawn parallels between Silimatic technologies and Smedry Talents in the past. He has also been able to increase the power of various Silimatic technologies

Silimatic Glass[edit]

Types of glass include the following:

Builder's Glass
Communicator's Glass
When broken in half, allows communication between the two pieces for 20 days.
Defender's Glass
Essentially protects structures inside it. Extremely strong.
Detonator's Glass 
Enforcer's Glass
Expander's Glass 
Allows the inside of a structure or object built with it to be bigger than the outside. Deep lavender in color.[1] Very difficult to break, even with a Talent.[2]
Glass of Alivening
Grappler's Glass 
Clings to other surfaces, influencing gravity--used on the bottoms of boots to enable people to walk up surfaces. Often used by Alcatraz to walk on SIimatic vehicles such as the Hawkwind and Dragonaut
Inhibitor's Glass 
Stops those touching it from using Silimatic technology or Smedry Talents
Messenger's Glass
Orientation Glass 
Influences the direction of gravity
Rebuilder's Glass
Recognizer's Glass
Reinforcer's Glass
Restoring Glass 
Easily shatters at the touch of an Oculator, but restores itself when the Oculator moves away from it. Incredibly strong otherwise. Black in color.[1]
Sentinel's Glass
Shielder's Glass
Snarer's Glass 
Used for traps, however, each square can only go off once.[3]
Transporter's Glass 
Swaps two identical objects, usually glass boxes, between two places[4]

Silimatic Lenses[edit]

Lenses are only usable by Oculators, unless they are forged in the blood of an Oculator, such as the ones used by the Scrivener's Bones. Dark Oculators sometimes only use a monocle, instead of the classic glasses shape, in order to focus the lens' power. Lenses include:

Bestower's Lenses
Allows you to temporarily give someone something; For example, strength or your talent, as in book 4.[5]
Courier's Lenses
Allow short-range communication between two Oculators when both are wearing them, however, Alcatraz managed to extend that range by pushing more power into the Lenses.[6] The user mentally hears the voice of the other Oculator and sees a hologram of their upper body. They are generally tinted baby blue.[7]
Discerner's Lenses
Tell the wearer how old something is in the form of a glow that grows duller the older the object is.[8]
Firebringer's Lenses
Throws a line of fire, almost like a laser, at the target.
Harrier's Lenses
Presumably powerful.[9]
Oculator's Lenses
Allow Oculators to see/sense oculations or more generally they show you things that you need to see.[10]
Oracle's Lenses
Those lenses allowed the user to glimpse into the future. Attica Smedry used them to foresee where Alcatraz will be living on his 13th birthday.[11]
Shocker's Lenses
Emit a beam of light that knocks anyone looking at the user unconscious. Very difficult to use.[12]
Tracker's Lenses
Some of the easiest Lenses to use, they allow the user to track peoples' footprints. Everyone has a unique footprint, and the longer the user knows a person, the longer their footprints stay visible.[1] Family, however, is who one knows best, so their footprints stay a very long time, no matter how little the user thinks they know them.[11] They are tinted yellow.[13]
Translator's Lenses (Lenses of Rashid)
Forged from the Sands of Rashid, which are incredibly rare. Let the wearer understand, read, and write in any language, code, or alphabet.[2][11]
Torturer's Lenses
Cause intense agony in the target and make the muscles begin to rip.[14] Five seconds of use causes the target permanent harm.[15]
Warrior's Lenses
Enhances the wearers physical abilities. This is one of the only lenses that a non-oculator can use.
Windstormer's Lenses
Create gusts of wind that blow away from the Oculator. Leavenworth uses them to create a bubble of calm winds around the wielder, but this is extremely difficult. The Lenses are tinted green.[7]


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