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Free Kingdoms World Map.jpg
Ruler Council of Kings and Librarians

The world of Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians is split up into two major territories: the Hushlands and the Free Kingdoms.

The Hushlands[edit]

The Hushlands or Libraria consists of all the landmasses of the real world. They are under control of the Librarians[1] Someone who lives there is called a 'Hushlander'.

A notably absent area of land is where France resides, likely a reference to Alcatraz’s repeated references to France (and french things, such as Napoleon) being “fantasy” This does raise the question of where Kaz and the crew ended up during the travel montage in The Scriveners Bones.

The Free Kingdoms[edit]

A map of the Free Kingdoms in relation to the librarian-controlled Hushlands.

The Free Kingdoms consist of three continents which fill up a large amount of the Hushlanders Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The Atlantic ocean has two major landmasses, one in the northern ocean the other in the southern, separated by a line of large islands forming the nation of Anokaba. The northern continent is shared between three nations, roughly split by mountain ranges. The northern nation is Fooster, whose territory also includes a string of small islands from its coast up to the southern tip of Greenland. Ulfheim borders to the south, and has a small sea between its eastern tip and the north-western tip of Spain. The western nation of Fracois shares a sea border with the northern-most islands of Anokaba, and its western tip is close to the West Indies.

The Countries in the Free Kingdoms[edit]

The northernmost country in the upper continent in the Atlantic Ocean.
The country that borders Fooster's southern edge.
The country that borders both Fooster's and Ulfheim's south-western edge.
A string of islands that connect the upper and lower continents in the Atlantic Ocean.
The northernmost country in the lower continent in the Atlantic Ocean.
The country that borders Ngoburutu on its western side.
The Southernmost country in the Atlantic Ocean.
A group of islands near Japan.
The westernmost country in the main landmass in the Pacific Ocean.
Jjandori's eastern border country.
Dino Land
Zhenbang's eastern border country, and a land that hosts dinosaurs. Strangely, these aren't giant, man-eating dinosaurs, but are civilized, and only about six feet high. Although this would be surprising in the Hushlands, in the Free Kingdoms they are known for being annoying or even useless. They are easily distracted by books.[2]
The Kingdom of Eddie
The country that border Dino Land on its eastern side.
A long string of islands below the upper land mass in the Pacific Ocean. Some of this string completes Hawaii's island complex. Mokia seems to be the Librarian's main focus in their quest to take over the Free Kingdoms, as that would divide the Pacific Continent. The capital of Mokia is Tuki Tuki, which was besieged in 'The Shattered Lens'. Eventually, the Free Kingdoms won, thanks to Alcatraz. The people of Mokia are nature-lovers, and they live in huts; not because they are more 'scientifically advanced' than Hushlander homes, but because they like huts.[3]
Another string of islands that branches off Mokia and mirrors the lower land mass's concave curve.
The westernmost country in the lower land mass in the Pacific Ocean.
The country in the middle of the lower land mass in the Pacific Ocean. Its capital, Nalhalla City, is the home of The Knights of Crystallia and Keep Smedry, as well as the royal family of Nalhalla. This is Alcatraz's home country.
Kalmarian Wilds
This is presumably an area that is uncivilisable and its border's Nalhalla's eastern border.
This is the easternmost country on the lower land mass of the continent in the Pacific ocean. Maria Victoria is the name of its capital city.


The Incarna were a people with a large knowledge of Silimatics. They created the Smedry Talents using some unknown method. They fell due to something related to the Talents. Alcatraz the First broke his people's language to prevent anyone from using the knowledge for destruction.

The Librarians were created when Biblioden taught that the world was too strange and dangerous for most people to know about. This started the mass censorship and alteration of history that continues in the Hushlands. The Librarians control all knowledge in the Hushlands. Any time the Librarians take over a new territory, it is added to the Hushlands. History books are changed so it appears that the new territory was always part of Hushland history. The most recent Librarian acquisition is the continent of Australia.[4]


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