Brig Dartmoor

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Brig Dartmoor
House Dartmoor
Spouse Draulin
Children Angola, Rikers, Bastille
Abilities Crystin Knight
Nationality Nalhallan
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Brig Dartmoor is high king of Nalhalla and the leader of the Council of Kings.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He presides over the Council of Kings in rich blue and gold robes. He has a full red beard and generally regal bearing.

Brig is nothing if not sincere. He is a passionate man; those Librarians must have done some clever talking to bring him to this point.


About 6 months before the events of The Knights of Crystallia, a delegation from the Wardens of the Standard arrived in Nalhalla and approached King Dartmoor about setting up and embassy and opening peace talks. While suspicious, King Dartmoor agreed.[3] The draw of peace was strong enough that he was ready to give up Mokia in exchange (and had most of the other members of the council ready to do the same) when Grandpa Smedry returned.[2]

He was about to sign the treaty giving Mokia to the Librarians when Prince Rikers entered the chamber of the Council of Kings and demanded the proceedings be halted. After hearing Prince Riker's story and seeing Fitzroy brought in bound, he interrogated Kangchenjunga Sarekgjakka, aka She Who Cannot be Named, and refused to let her weasel out of the interrogation with half answers. After the interrogation he called for a second which left him as the deciding vote. After a brief hesitation, he ripped the treaty in half.[4]

During the resulting battle, he drew his sword and stood guard over Draulin when she fell due to the corruption of the Mindstone.[5]


Brig is Bastille's father and Draulin's husband and clearly cares deeply for his family.[2]

He is the High King of Nalhalla and presides over the Council of Kings


‘I will not be the king who was offered peace and who passed it by, Leavenworth. I will not be a warmonger. If there is a chance at reconciliation . . . But we should speak of this someplace outside the public eye. Let us retire to my sitting room.’

King Dartmoor [2]

‘I find it telling,’ he declared to Swcbn, ‘that you cannot control your own people despite the importance of these talks! I find it disturbing that you would be willing to execute one of your own for joining a kingdom with which you claim you want to be friends. And, most of all, I find it disgusting what I nearly did. I want you Librarians out of my kingdom by midnight. These talks are at an end.’

King Dartmoor [4]


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