Kangchenjunga Sarekgjakka

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Kangchenjunga Sarekgjakka
Abilities Librarian
Aliases She Who Cannot Be Named, Swcbn
Homeworld Earth (Alcatraz)
Introduced In The Knights of Crystallia

Kangchenjunga Sarektjåkkå is a Librarian and a leader in the Wardens of the Standard.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She looks like a little old grandmother. She wears a shawl and carries an orange handbag. She has shaky legs and her back is bowed with age. She uses a cane to walk.

She is a noted baker; Leavenworth Smedry said one of the nice things about facing off against her was the treats.[1]


Most people, including other Librarians, cannot pronounce her name, so she is often called She Who Cannot Be Named. In his narrative, Alcatraz Smedry gets annoyed at typing her long nickname and calls her Swcbn for short. One of the only people who calls her by her full name is Leavenworth Smedry, and Kangchenjunga claims that he is the only one "out here" (presumably in the Free Kingdoms) who can pronounce it correctly.

Kangchenjunga and Leavenworth have a storied history. She calls him friend, though he refutes the title. Their relationship includes an incident in which Kangchenjunga caught Leavenworth in a trap that left him dangling from a frozen mountain cliff with his foot tied to a slowly-melting block of ice and his body strapped with bacon, stuck with a sign that read "Free Wolf Chow." [1]

She travels to Nalhalla to oversee a treaty that would end hostilities between the Wardens of the Standard and the Free Kingdoms in exchange for Librarian control of Mokia. During the chaos surrounding the eventual tearing up of the treaty, she sits calmly and knits. When her faction is eventually defeated, she finally puts down her knitting, revealing an afghan with a depiction of a bloody skull . She chastises her opponents, and vanishes, being replaced with an exact statue of herself.[3]

She also orders the execution of Himalaya Smedry, her former assistant.


Her first name is likely a reference to the mountain Kangchenjunga in between Nepal and India. Her last name is likely a reference to the mountain Sarektjåkkå in Sweden.


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