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Abilities Oculator
Groups Order of the Dark Oculators
Homeworld Earth (Alcatraz)
First Appeared The Knights of Crystallia

Fitzroy is a Dark Oculator who accompanies Shasta Smedry when she infiltrates the Royal Archives (Not a Library!) of Nalhalla.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is about twenty years old in The Knights of Crystallia. He is spindly with freckles, and wears a sweater-vest, slacks, and glasses (typical librarian clothing). When he first encounters Alcatraz he is wearing lenses tinted with orange-and-blue stripes. He has a somewhat nasal voice.[1]

At one point he takes Alcatraz's Disguiser's lenses, and uses them to make himself appear as a much more handsome and muscular version of himself.[2]


He interviewed scholars before their mission to learn about the Royal Archives.[1] Shasta brings him along to use the Translator's Lenses and later tasks him with removing all of Alcatraz's lenses.

He attempts to personally carry out Kangchenjunga Sarekgjakka's order to execute Himalaya, and seems to enjoy the pain he causes to her friends when he holds a knife to her throat. This backfires on him as he is the first victim of the Talent Himalaya is granted upon becoming married to Folsom Smedry, receiving a fist to the face.[3]

Fitzroy gets brought along when Alcatraz activates the transporter's glass to return the Royal Archives. He is taken prisoner and brought to the meeting of the Council of Kings tied up and escorted by two knights. It is unclear what happens to him in the battle.[4]


Fitzroy is a member of the order of the Dark Oculators. From Alcatraz's perspective, he seems to regard Shasta "adoringly," and is generally extremely eager to please her.[2] He is also happy to carry out the orders of She Who Must Not Be Named, the ambassador of the Wardens of the Standard.


His name is likely a reference to Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia.


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