Royal Archives (Not a Library!)

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Royal Archives (Not a Library!)
Region Free Kingdoms
World Earth (Alcatraz)

The Royal Archives (Not a Library!) is a building in the capital of Nalhalla that houses a huge mountain of books collected by Free Kingdoms scribes. Due to its similarity to a library and Free Kingdomers' loathing of libraries, whenever it is mentioned, "not a library" always follows.[1]

Prior to Alcatraz's arrival, the Royal Archives (Not a Library!) featured a disorganized heap of books. This mess frustrated Alcatraz and he had Himalaya organize the books.[2]

The Royal Archives (Not a Library!) is protected by Defender's Glass, so instead of tunneling inside, Shasta placed Transporter's Glass around it, essentially stealing the whole Archive to grab a book written in the Forgotten Language. Containing the lost knowledge of Smedry Talents and their origins, the book is extremely important -- and was in fact the book Attica needed to discover how to give Smedry Talents to everyone.[3][expand]


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