Royal Archives (Not a Library!)

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Royal Archives (Not a Library!)
Region Free Kingdoms
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In The Knights of Crystallia

The Royal Archives (Not a Library!) is a building in the capital of Nalhalla that houses a huge mountain of books collected by Free Kingdoms scribes. Due to its similarity to a library and Free Kingdomers' loathing to libraries, whenever it is mentioned, "not a library" always follows.[1]

Prior to Alcatraz's arrival, the Royal Archives (Not a Library!) featured a disorganized heap of books. This mess frustrated Alcatraz and he had Himalaya organize the books.[2]

The Royal Archives (Not a Library!) is protected by Defender's Glass, so instead of tunneling inside, Shasta placed Transporter's Glass around it, essentially stealing the whole Archive to grab a book written in the Forgotten Language. Containing the lost knowledge of Smedry Talents, Silimatic technologies and their origins, the book is extremely important. Some technologies were thought of as myths before the decipher of the book, for example, the glass that disables Smedry Talents.[3][expand]


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